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Maintaining exceptional performance through continual improvement in quality, health, safety and environmental (QHSE) management is at the core of our business.

The welfare of our people, customers and sub-contractors is fundamental to our exceptional service delivery in a sustainable environment, and will never be compromised. We believe First Facilities Management’s continuing success in delivering best practice QHSE management is not simply the result of a policy or an activity, but the consequence of our commitment and under-pinning behaviors.

There is a securely embed QHSE management philosophy within the First Facilities Management culture and this commitment is what enables us to deliver exceptional performance year on year, whilst meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We operate an integrated Quality Management System (QMS) which is certified to the following international standards:

ISO 9001:2015; Quality Management (enhance service delivery and customer satisfaction)

OHSAS 18001; Health & Safety Management (eliminate or reduce health and safety risks)

First Facilities & Services

About Us

First Facilities Management has a well recognized experience and reputation for providing a high level professional cleaning service to customers in UAE. We believe that excellence in service can only be achieved by ensuring a high standards of quality and by listening to and understanding your needs.

We ensure that our staff is highly and regularly trained and motivated to meet your expectations and to fulfill our aspirations to be the best in the First Facilities Management Industry. Our vision is about long term mutually beneficial relationships with all of our customers. We work with our clients to deliver results beyond and above expectations and to meet all our client’s requirements.

We pride ourselves in offering services that are exceptional value and cost-effective. Our team always strive to deliver excellence in everything we do and to be a real game changer for our clients businesses.


We provide reliable, fast and trustworthy workforce for any kind of service. Our staffs are trained to the highest standards to deliver a quality focused service to our customers and we take pride in the work we do and continuously improve every day.


Our professional workforce will provides world class services as you required.

Fast & Effective SERVICE

We provide best and cost effective service solutions for your offices, buildings, schools or any commercial facility in the UAE.

Message from Director

First Facilities Management has a business concept that will revolutionize the facilities management industry. To achieve this goal we require the supports of our respective clients. As a fellow Emirati I have the utmost love and pride for my country and I would like to contribute to the development of this beautiful country to provide and brings world class facilities services. I believe in that the facilities management industry can play a vital role in the development of this country. The First Facilities Management has a policy to provide job for unemployed people from different nationalities.

With your supports will be able to achieve the goal of empowerment, equality and general upliftment of UAE.

We would like to see our facilities management services contracts as a starting basis for previously unemployed individuals to enter into the working environment. We like to believe this concept will eventually grow and encourage others to follow the same way that First Facilities Management along with our clients have set out and lead by.


First Facilities Management is committed to delivering our customers safety, quality and cost-savings by:

airline Creating cleaner, safer facilities

school Reducing operating costs

auto-mobile Using only one invoice for services

medical Implementing Environmentally Preferable (EP) practices at all facilities

fitness Training staff and skilled trades on common processes across all facilities

airline Implementing quality standards for on-site job efficiency

First Facilities & Services

Mission Statement

First Facilities & Services

The mission of First Facilities Management is to demonstrate a meaningful and tangible value proposition to our clients and employees. The value driver for our customers is an exceptional service that: is executed in the safest manner possible; exceeds the requirements for quality; and is delivered at an affordable cost by a Minority owned business. This value proposition allows the customer to focus on their core business.

The value proposition for our employees includes: a professional and challenging work environment; that transcends multiple industries, and is played out on a worldwide stage.

We expect to attract and retain professionals who delight and thrive in this type of setting.

Core Values to Guide Performance

Safety – Safety is our overriding priority. All incidents are preventable.

Integrity – Uncompromising commitment to ethical behavior in all business endeavors.

Diversity – Recognize and respect that people are unique and these differences make us stronger.

Customer Satisfaction – Listen to the customer, anticipate their needs, and provide value as a business partner.

Continuous Improvement – Relentless pursuit of excellence through innovation, operational efficiencies, and sound business strategies.

Environmental Commitment – Commitment to protecting the environment and preventing pollution.

One Company – First Facilities Management has a strategic plan: Work together, Share ideas, and Standardize solutions.

After Reading through this company profile we hope it meets with your approval and presents the opportunity for the utilization of our services in the near future.

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